Transport Kits

Model N

  • For short variable ways of transportation
  • Movement of moderately heavy loads, e.g. machines, parts of machines and for installation works
  • Allows to turn corners by using turntables and packing plates

Hints on use

  • All maximum carrying capacities are based for use on a steel surface, wich can withstand the high pressure of the chain-rollers. For safety the carrying capacities on complete sets are calculated so that on uneven surfaces 2 Roller Skates could support the full load.
  • Possible problems can be avoided by choosing Roller Skate Models with a larger roller diameter within the chain.
  • Inserting the included link-up bar facilitates the orientation in the direction of travel to prevent jamming during trasport
  • Balancing pieces ensure height compensations when turntables are used

Model N

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Model Hercules

  • With the Hercules you do noit have to waste time by assembling the unit and the low level contributes to safer working conditions
  • The Hercules makes it easier and safer to move heavy loads. 24 and 30mm diameter rollers in the chain are available. This turntable is larger than the one in the transport Kit N
  • For larger loads we recommend the use of a second twin Skater Roller with one turntable in the front and two normal Roller Skates as a stabiliser at the back

The transport kit comprises

1 Twin Skate Roller with fitted turntable

2 Roller Skates with fittes top plates

1 handle

1 link-up bar

1 metal box

Model Hercules

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